Decorating Clear Plastic Ornaments


Decorating Clear Plastic Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is nearly here and these ornaments are so simple and fun to make!  Try it out for a last minute Christmas gift or just for your own tree!

I didn’t take pictures, but I will explain step by step.  Next time I will take pics :).


1.  Go to your local crafting store, these balls cost me 77cents.

2. Purchase (for a few more dollars) Glitter It.  It’s specially designed for this particular craft (and others) and it has a nice pointed snout for easy applications.

3. Glitter: Buy any type of glitter, I purchased several colors.  They sell glitter sets (several colors together) and with a craft store coupon you can save a bundle.

4.  Accents/Embellishments: I bought some glitter covered vinyl letters to place for initials/names/customization.  They sell the vinyl letters without glitter, and you could paint them or glitter in any color you choose.  I also bought Christmas themed jeweled accented stickers.

5.  Ribbon:  To your heart’s desire.  Pick whatever you feel will match your theme.


1.  Remove the top to the clear ornament.  You can wash it out and let air dry (I skipped this part) or just lightly blow into to get out any dust.

2.  Take your Glitter It and squeeze a tsp or so into the ornament and swish around, making sure to cover the entire inside.  It won’t evaporate, you can go slow to see where the coverage is.  You can turn the ornament nearly upside down and not spill any out.  When you’re sure you have complete coverage, turn the ornament upside down onto a papertowel and let drain for about 30 seconds.  If you have a lot of liquid left then pour it back into the Glitter It bottle or pour into another ornament (I did this a few times).

 If there is too much excess liquid then the glitter will bunch up.

3.  Get your glitter (the fun part!) and tap a tablespoon inside the ornament, measuring doesn’t have to be perfect.  Then swish around and tap the ornament to obtain great coverage.  To get all the way to the top I cover the opening of the ornament with the palm of my hand and shake the ornament.

This usually works perfectly.  You may take a few times (ornaments) to get the hang of it.  Some of my ornaments did not get full coverage.  I just waited for the inside to dry 10-15 minutes and then repeated steps 2 and 3.

4.  Replace your top (hook).

5.  Add your embellishments and ribbon.

For tips on how to tie a ribbon you can click here.

Take pictures of your creations so you can remember for next Christmas or even adapt for upcoming holidays such as Eas