Where Have I Been the Last Few Months?

Image is from www.iampoopsie.com

I wanted to let everyone know that motherhood and life has been pretty nuts in the last few months and that my crafting had to take a back seat after Christmas. My boys are healthy again and I am back to creating and posting now. Looking forward to great interactions!

P.S. This image is from www.iampoopsie.com


Projects List for January


How are you doing after this Christmas holiday?  I hope well of course!

I’ve been enjoying my time with my husband and two boys.  My mind has also been flooded with ideas for DIY projects.  I’ve gotten so much inspiration from Pinterest, and I’ve wanted to do these projects for some time but with little ones running around…well…they are a little bigger now and I have decided to give these ideas a go!  Now, where to start, that’s the fun part.

My upcoming tutorials will be:

  • Building a King-sized Headboard (still deciding on fabric or stained wood)
  • Sewing new throw pillows
  • Handmade fabric bins
  • Fabric Binders with name plates
  • All-purpose Canvas/Fabric totes (for around the house, my van, grocery shopping, etc.)

I can’t wait to share this with you.  Getting started today and will be posting soon. Please share your thoughts and comments!

Have a great day!